Project Athlete is dedicated to providing expert athlete performance and fitness training, as well as physical therapy services.


Training is based on science, from warm up to cool down.  Human movement, not muscles, dictates the types of exercises performed. Project Athlete takes a results driven approach to help you achieve your goals, whether sports performance, weight loss, or a healthier lifestyle.

Back to School Training Schedule  08/05/2017

Expanded Open Gym hours, and additional Group Training times start Wednesday August 23rd.

Testing Day 08/04/2017

The next Combine Testing Day will take place Saturday August 19th at 9am.  We will now be administering our Combine testing (speed, agility, power) on alternating months with our FMS & Fitness testing (Functional Movement Screen, strength, flexibility, endurance).  Each is free, so check out the appropriate days to be tested to identify weaknesses and track improvement!

New Sports Performance Coach, Jensen Moore, CSCS 04/20/2017

I would like to welcome Jensen Moore, CSCS to the Project Athlete family.  Jensen will be a great addition to the staff!

Perfect Bars are here! 04/07/2017

Project Athlete is proud to partner with Perfect Bar, a San Diego based company who makes hand-made, organic nutritional bars.  We carry a full line of Perfect Bars, including new flavors like the most popular Blueberry Cashew.  Try one today as a pre-workout snack, or as a meal replacement.

Athletic Greens at Project Athlete 03/29/2017

Project Athlete has teamed with Athletic Greens to supply the highest quality supplements available.

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