One-on-One Training:          $65 per hour            $35 per ½ hour

* Discounted, pre-paid packages are available


Group Classes:                                     Individual                               Pair (Same Family)                  Family (2 Adults & 2 kids)

Two Classes per Week:                  $100/month                                    $160/month                                    $240/month

Three Classes per Week:                $120/month                                    $200/month                                    $300/month

Unlimited Class Member:              $150/month                                    $250/month                                    $400/month

Pay As You Go:                              $15 per Class

• All monthly rates are prepaid.

• Classes are limited to 8-12  clients (based on type of workout)

• Sign up each month for desired classes to fit your schedule and meet your needs.


Recovery Sessions:                  $65 per hour                       $35 per ½ hour                    $20 per 15 minutes

         • Includes manual stretching, foam roller, and other manual techniques.


Physical Therapy:                  Evaluation $100                 $75 per hour                          $40 per ½ hour

         • By Licensed Physical Therapist, Erik Siftar, MSPT, CSCS

         • Requires Diagnosis by your doctor; No Insurance is accepted.

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