Project Athlete trains competitive athletes, as well as fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Project Athlete's Coaches and Trainers are able to identify improper movement patterns and design, implement and instruct a proper training program to improve these movements.  The result is a well balanced, explosive body with improved performance and decreased injury risk.


Training areas include mobility, flexibility, active warm up, strength, balance, explosive power, linear and lateral speed, agility and quickness, recovery and more.



Athlete Performance Training
Athlete performance training programs include group training designed for athletes of all sports. Primary goals are sports performance enhancement and injury prevention. Most training sessions first half focus on movement, including stretching, activation, mobility, active warm up, plyometrics/jumping, linear and lateral speed and quickness, and core strength. The second half is focused on building explosive power through various power exercises, strengthening, and conditioning drills.


Personal training is also available.  These one-on-one sessions allow maximal instruction and enable focus to be on your specific needs and goals related to your respective sport.


Custom team training sessions promote team bonding, while allowing individual improvement.  


Fitness Performance Training

Fitness performance training is a comprehensive program based on functional human movement. Group sessions are condensed versions of athlete performance program, except there is little to no impact (jumping and running). No matter if your goals are weight loss, rehabilitating an injury, or just looking for a great workout that won't make your knees or back ache for days, Project Athlete fitness performance training will improve your overall health. Other benefits include increasing lean muscle mass, correcting limitations and compensations related to chronic pain and injury.


Personal training sessions are also available for fitness clients to maximize individual results and help you reach your specific goals. 


Physical Therapy
Cash based personalized Physical Therapy by a Licensed physical therapist. Common PT includes rehabilitating and transitioning competitive athletes from surgery or injury to return to participation in their sport. Manual treatment is also available for common musculo-skeletal injuries, or as preventative care. A prescription from your doctor is required.

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